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TestStrip presents

Need and Error
co-curated by Iffy Tillieu
7 September 2015  |  6 to 9pm
8 September 2015 | 12noon to 3pm

‘the road to Hell is paved with good intentions’ stated Bernard of Clairvaux in 1210. Could this have been a warning of the way we as humans strive for upward economic mobility at all costs?

Twenty artists working in the UK and Belgium have been invited to reflect on schemes developed by A. Maslow and D. Alighieri – namely: the Pyramid of Needs and Inferno – to ask questions on our contemporary human condition, our needs as humans and our survival.  You can see the results in a group show in London at A.P.T Gallery followed by a groups show in Brussels in October 2015.

Exhibiting artists 

Renske Cox  |  Meret Sera  |  Kathleen Bryson  |  Jack Brookes  |  Stuart McAdam    |  Johan Govaerts  |  Jessica Cheeseman  |  Aline Helmcke  |  Karin Lindholm  |  Seeta Muller  |  Iffy Tillieu  |  Peter Barnard  |  Nataha Swingler  |  Victoria Rance  |  Koné Lounseny  |  Patries Wichers  |  Joachim Devillé  |  Livia Ferbinteanu  |  Ksusha Holmes



TestStrip is being supported by A.P.T Projects, a funded education programme that enables artists to develop their artistic practice and release their potential