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APT actively encourages and supports creative thought
and artistic vision
APT - A brief history  

Established in 1995, the Art in Perpetuity Trust’s mission is to actively encourage and support creative thought and artistic vision.  At its freehold premises on the banks of Deptford Creek, APT provides 42 studios for visual artists, a contemporary art gallery, a working sculpture yard and an external public performance space. 

APT forges links and collaborations with the local community and other professional bodies nationally and internationally.

APT offers charitable support, both financial and in-kind, to all its projects, including 
→  the APT Gallery exhibition and education programme
→ the biennial CREEKSIDE OPEN
→ talks, performances and film screenings
→ studio and gallery visits
→ annual Open Studios and APT LIVE weekends

APT’s Memorandum and Articles of Association state our object is to “promote, maintain, improve and advance education for the benefit of the public, in particular by the encouragement of the arts.” 

The Art in Perpetuity Trust is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee and is thereby governed by a Memorandum and Articles of Association. APT was established in 1995 and has over the past 25 years, with the valued support of its Artist-members, Trustees and staff, created a vibrant, secure and affordable studio complex for visual artists.

Supporting participation in the visual arts through creative practice, exhibitions and education is at the heart of APT. APT recognises the importance of supporting professional practice and the development of creative programmes to inspire, inform and provide new opportunities for all.

Organisational Structure

APT has 54 members including trustees and artist-members who are studio tenants. There are currently three members of staff: Administrative Director (full-time), Buildings and Gallery Manager (part-time), Office & Gallery Assistant (part-time) and additional staff are employed to run specific projects such as the biennial CREEKSIDE OPEN.

APT is supervised on a voluntary basis by six Trustees who meet at eight-week intervals at a Trustees’ meeting and then at a Management Committee meeting. 

Trustees |
Julian Sherwood (Treasurer)
Gillian Laidlaw (Chair)
Jenny White
Ann Gilmore
 - We are currently talking to two prospective Trustees who we hope will be co-opted onto the Board of Trustees in early 2020.

When APT was set up in 1995, the first trustees and the first studio artists worked hard and put in many, many voluntary hours to set up an open and inclusive charity to provide studios in perpetuity.  The interests and opinions of the Artist-members, in respect of activity and delivery, is encouraged at every level and contributes substantially to APT’s work and well-being of the organisation.  APT’s Management Committee continues to reflect this; Trustees, Artist-members and Staff meet regularly to discuss proposals and plans for the continued development and success of APT.

At the AGM members of the sub committees, artist advisors (AAs) and floor representatives are elected and the Chairs of the sub committees, along with the AAs and Floor Reps sit on the Management Committee.

The following artist members were elected at the AGM in November 2019

Artist Advisors | David Bloor, Alix MacSweeney, Sheila Vollmer
Floor Representatives | Chris Marshall, Nic Godbold, Mali Morris
Gallery & Projects Sub Committee | Marcus Cope (Chair), Lulu Cottell (Vice Chair), Margaret Higginson, Rebecca Harper, Nicola Rae, Chloe Farrar
Vetting Sub Committee | David Oates (Chair), Liz Harrison (Vice Chair), Marcus Cope, Cath Ferguson, Nicola Rae, Brigitte Parusel, Rob Welch
Building Sub-Committee | Richard Lawrence (Chair), Steve Lewis, Hideatsu Shiba
Planning Sub-Committee | Jeff Dellow, Cath Ferguson, Liz Harrison, Paul Malone, Laurence Noga
Platform Sub-Committee | Steve Lewis, Nic Godbold, David Oates, Gordon Ilett, Sheila Vollmer 


Between 1999 and 2002 APT rebuilt the front of Harold Works providing four purpose-built studios and a top-lit atrium to the APT Gallery.  Funding for this £316,000 project was provided by London Development Agency, Creekside Single Regeneration Budget, Lewisham Council and APT.   

Welding Shed Studios  |  The build   |  2012 to 2014

Six fully-accessible studios were built. Funding was provided by the City Bridge Trust and the Foyle Foundation.


1995  |  APT was set up as a Registered Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee
          |  A seven-year lease, with an option to buy, was taken out on Harold Wharf
          |  APT artist-members began the conversion of the three-storey warehouse into 37 studios
          |  Deptford City Challenge grant awarded
          |  Work to covert the building into studios was completed and the first cohort of artists moved in

1998  |  Single Regeneration Budget Creekside Renewal Programme grant awarded

1999  |  APT exercised its option to buy and a ten-year mortgage was taken out to buy Harold Works
          |  Work on the Dockland Light Railway started and APT’s small studio block was demolished

2000  |  The lean-to re-build programme for the front of the building began

2001  |  London Development Agency Innovative Clusters Fund grant for the re-build

2002  |  Creekside SRB grant for the lean-to
          |  A.P.T appointed its first employee, Liz May, Studio | Gallery Manager
          |  The lean-to rebuild programme was completed and the A.P.T Gallery re-opened in June

2004  |  APT website was launched
          |  The Creekside Summer College was launched and ran for five years

2005  |  APT celebrated its tenth anniversary
          |  The CREEKSIDE OPEN competition was established selected by Eileen Cooper RA and David Tremlett organized by Liz May and David Oates
           |  Planning Permission granted to build new studios on the ‘Welding Shed’ Site

2007  |  CREEKSIDE OPEN 2007 selected by Matthew Collings, Emma Biggs and Victoria Miro organized by Liz May and David Oates
          |  APT mounted the Bounty exhibition

2008  |  APT overhauled the electrics and installed security and corridor lighting

2009  | The ten-year mortgage was paid off on 8 April
          |  A loan of was taken out on 7 May to fund the replacement of most of the windows and doors of Harold Works with double-glazed aluminium units
          |  The passenger / goods list was refurbished
          |  CREEKSIDE OPEN 2009 selected by Jenni Lomax and Mark Wallinger organized by Liz May and David Oates

2010  |  A.P.T’s Company Secretary, Dr Cuillin Bantock and Trustee David Ryder celebrated 15 years voluntary support.
          |  The foundations for the new studio building on the Welding Shed site were put in
          |  The Foyle Foundation offered a grant towards the construction of the new studios

2011  |  Access Audit and Appraisal completed
          |  CREEKSIDE OPEN selected by Phyllida Barlow and Dexter Dalwood organized by Liz May
          |  City Bridge Trust offered a grant towards the construction of the new studios

2012  |  Lewisham Council commissioned APT and Redstart Arts to produce skySCAPE for the Podia Project
          |  In July 2012 APT launched the Curatorial Fellowship and Bea de Souza, Rose Lejeune and Charlotte Jansen were the first fellows.

2013  |  APT’s second employee, Jian Wei Lim, Office & Gallery Assistant, started work one day a week
          |  CREEKSIDE OPEN 2013 selected by Ceri Hand and Paul Noble organized by Liz May and David Oates
          |  In July 2013 APT launched the second Curatorial Fellowship and announced that Claire Undy is the 2013 Fellow

2014  |  Welding Shed Studios capital build completed
          |  Six new artists joined APT to bring the total artist-members to 41
          |  Rt Hon Dame Joan Ruddock MP officially opened the Welding Shed Studios on 18 July 2014
          |  Graduate Studio Award Programme launched : Amber Sayal Bennett first recipient

2015  |  APT celebrated its 20th Anniversary
          |  CREEKSIDE OPEN 2015 selected by Richard Deacon and Lisa Milroy organized by Liz May
          |  TWENTIETH anniversary exhibition organized by Heather Burrell, Rachel Russell and Veronique Chance

2016  |  APT Shots : Mind Out curated by Dexter Dymoke, Veronique Chance and Rachel Russell
          |  APT LIVE curated by Chris Marshall, Nicola Rae and Liz May
          |  Jian Wei Lim left APT and Amy Firth joined as the Office & Gallery Assistant
          |  Curatorial Fellowship : Alaena Turner
          |  Partnership with University Hospital Lewisham established and overseen by Chris Marshall

2017  |  APT Shots: Passionate Process curated by Sheila Vollmer
          |  The Ryder Project Studio launched : first recipient Linda Aloysius
          |  CREEKSIDE OPEN 2017 selected by Alison Wilding and Jordan Baseman organized by Liz May
          |  APT replaced six skylights on the roof of Harold Works

2018  |  APT Shots : Expanding Systems curated by Brigitte Parusel in collaboration with Patrick Morrissey and Hanz Hancock

          |  APT LIVE curated by Lulu Cottell and David Bloor
          |  Amy Firth left APT and Alice Thompson joined as the Office & Gallery Assistant
          |  Patrick Semple joined APT as the Buildings & Gallery Manager

2019  |  APT Shots ]: Mimesis; Narrative; Against hegemony! An exhibition celebrating 10 years of Peer Sessions. Selected by Ian Gonczarow, director Painting at the End of the World and co-curated by Charlotte Warne Thomas of Peer Sessions
          |  CREEKSIDE OPEN 2017 selected by Sacha Craddock and Brian Griffiths organized by Liz May

2020  |  APT will celebrate its 25th Anniversary
          |  After 18 years, Liz May will leave APT in May 2020 and we look forward to welcoming her replacement. The recruitment process is currently open > details here




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