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Past Exhibitions   2019

APT SHOTS 2019 | Mimesis; Narrative; Against hegemony
An exhibition celebrating 10 years of Peer Sessions

25 Jan to 16 February 2019

Selected by Ian Gonczarow, director Painting at the End of the World and co-curated by Charlotte Warne Thomas of Peer Sessions

As part of the APTShots programme, APT Gallery has invited Peer Sessions to mount an exhibition celebrating 10 years of supporting artists through crit sessions and artist-led collaborative events.

Mimesis; Narrative; Against hegemony! showcases works from the Peer Sessions archive, independently selected by Ian Gonczarow, director Painting at The End of The World, and co-curated by Peer Sessions.

Selected artists  |  Dave Charlesworth  |  Ben Cove  |  Merike Estna  |  Justin Gainan  |  Katie Goodwin  |  Catherine Hughes  |  Trevor Kiernander  |  Alia Pathan  |  Emily Rosamond  |  Lisa Selby/bluebaglife  |  Systems House  |  Ross Taylor  |  Annabel Tilley  |  Monica Ursina Jäger  |  Will Webster  |  Poppy Whatmore  |  Madalina Zaharia


Mind the Gap
Curated by Jens Salander and Marie Lindgren
Exhibiting artists  |  Jens Salmbeander  |  Marie Lindgren  |  Jonas Westlund  |  Katarina Jönsson-Norling  |  Mikael Stroerg  |  Karin Bäckström | Jon Perman
21 February to 10 March 2019


Ennui Refigured
Freya Purdue and Marius von Brasch
14 March to 31 March 2019
Artists’ Talk  |  Freya Purdue and Marius von Brasch in conversation with Ella Clocksin  |   Saturday 23 March 2019 at 2pm


Clyde Hopkins
Curated by David Sweet and Marilyn Hallam
4 to 21 April 2019


Threshold: Rebecca Harper, Camille Yvert and Jenny Milner-Lunt
Recipients of the 2018/19 Ryder Project Space and the Graduate Studio Programme
25 to 28 April 2019


CREEKSIDE OPEN 2019 selected by Brian Griffiths
9 May to 2 June 2019

Selected artists  Nancy Allen  |  Murray Anderson  |  Irini Bachlitzanaki  |  Pauline Batista  |  Hannah Bays  |  Miranda Boulton  |  Sasha Bowles  |  Flora Bradwell  |  Benjamin Arthur Brown  |  Jamie Brown  |  Christy Burdock  |  Sarah Cooney  |  Emma Coop  |  Emma Cousin  |  Cailin Cummins  |  Lara Davies  |  Sam Douglas  |  Tim Ellis  |  Gethin Evans  |  Tom Farthing  |  Archie Franks  |  Sean Gair  |  Andy Gomez  |  Fiona Grady  |  Oona Grimes  |  Ant Hamlyn  |  Hayley Harrison  |  Michael Hayter  |  Roland Hicks  |  Charles Inge  |  Clark Keatley  |  Jonathan Kelly  |  Richard Lockett  |  Nick Maroussas  |  Rosie McGinn  |  Liam Mertens  |  David Micheaud  |  Jane Millar  |  Edwin Mingard  |  Jasone Miranda-Bilbao  |  Vanessa Mitter  |  Lucienne O'Mara  |  Kasper Pincis  |  Andrew Poulter  |  Max Prus  |  Katherine Reekie  |  Maggie Royle  |  Katie Surridge  |  Agnieszka Szczotka  |  David Theobald  |  Chris Thompson  |  Charlie Tweed  |  Charley Vines  |  Grant Watson  |  Claire Willberg  |  Trystan Williams  |  Mary Wintour  |  Robert Worley  |  William Wright  |  Jinya Zhao


CREEKSIDE OPEN 2019 selected by Sacha Craddock
13 June to 7 July 2019 
Exhibition open Thursday to Sunday  12noon to 5pm

Selected artists 

Aindreas Philip Scholz | Alastair Gordon | Andrew Graves | Andrew Seto | Annabel Tilley | Archie Franks | Aude Herail Jager | Bea Denton | Ben Yau | Benjamin Cohen | Bianca Barandun | Bill Henderson | Caroline Jane Harris | Charlotte C Mortensson | Chloe Alice Hayes | Chris Thompson | Claire McArdle | Claire Willberg | Cyrus Shroff | Daisuke Minowa | Daniella Norton | David Cooper | David Edmond | David Lock | David Small | David Theobald | Dorry Spikes | Duncan McKellar | Edwin Mingard | Gavin Maughfling | Gill Capewell | Gunther Herbst | Guy Allott | Harry Pye­­ | Helen K Grant | Hemanth Rao | Jamie Hosegood | Janet Sainsbury | Jemma Appleby | John Vincent | John Wyatt Clarke | Julia White | Kasper Pincis | Katherine Reekie | Ken Taylor | Lara Davies | Lisa Penny | Louise Edgington | Lucienne O'Mara | Lucy Mayes | Luey Graves | Luke Jackson | Lyndsey Gilmour | Lynn Fulton | Marie-Therese Ross | Matt Morris | Matthew Webber | Melissa Kime | Michael Calver | Mimei Thompson | Molly Thomson | Natalia Markowska | Nicholas Cobb | Nick Maroussas |  Oona Grimes | Pallas Citroen | playpaint | Robert C. Gray | Robert Fitzmaurice | Robert Worley | Rosie McGinn | Sally Rowland | Sarah Durham | Sarah Jenkins | Scott McCracken | Seungjo Jeong | Shona Davies + David Monaghan + Jon Klein | Simon Leahy-Clark | Sophia Starling | Steph Goodger | Stephanie Douet | Stephen Palmer | Steve Burden | Steve Perfect | Susan Sluglett | Tess Williams | Tim Allen | Trevor Burgess | Victoria Burgher | Wayne Lucas


                                                                     PETE HOIDA - NEW PAINTINGS
11 July to 21 July 2019

New works by the Gloucestershire-based contemporary artist Pete Hoida (b. 1944) will be shown at the APT Gallery this month. These large-scale abstract works (some are over 3 metres wide) are bold, colourful and sensual explorations of the expressive potential of painting. Often inspired by the landscape which surrounds his studio, but also by his travels, these are images which strongly evoke a sense of light and space.  The surfaces are rich and textured, using a beguiling variety of techniques to achieve compositions of great intensity and depth.

         Crucible   97 x 219 cm   Apr 2011 – Dec 2018

Born in Birkenhead, Pete Hoida started out as a poet, before turning to painting, and to the development of the robust abstractions which have preoccupied him for more than fifty years. His work has received critical acclaim from, amongst others, Mel Gooding, Peter Davies, Estelle Lovatt and Mathew Collings.

The exhibition at APT Gallery will show approximately twenty paintings. On the final day (Sunday 21 July) there will be a screening of a short documentary on Pete Hoida and his work entitled: Black Severn Angel, a film by Alasdair Ogilvie.

11 July to 21 July 2019
Opening Times: Thursday to Sunday, 12noon to 5pm

Closing Event: Sunday 21 July, 2pm to 4pm


ABRCIT → #116. Chris Stephens writes on New Paintings by Pete Hoida



26th July to 4th August

Gabriel Birch, Benjamin Cohen, Lloyd Durling, Katrin Hanusch, Susan Jacobs, Charlie Yetton.

APT Gallery presents Slippery Sum, a group exhibition of painting, sculpture, installation and moving image that seeks to investigate the role of materiality as a mediator in everyday interactions.

The works in this exhibition focus on the malleability and potential for breakdown in the most robust material or refined design. They hint at a sense of latent life in the constructed, collected, or inanimate. The diverse strategies of these six artists deal with slippery and uncertain parameters, where the idea of control is often fleeting. Slippery Sum re-assesses the relationships between space, material and objects, both within the production process and the wider socio-political landscape. www.gabrielbirch.com