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An exhibition where all the artists that have a studio at A.P.T have got a bit in it and then they’ve asked someone else to put a bit in so now there are more bits, twice as many bits, 80 or so bits.

20 September to 14 October 2018
Exhibition open Thursday to Sunday from 12noon to 5pm

Private View
Friday 21 September at 6pm to 8pm

Exhibition curated by
Camille Yvert and Jennifer Milner-Lunt (A.P.T Graduate Studio Award 2018/2019)
Rebecca Harper (Recipient of the 2018/19 Ryder Project Studio)
Marcus Cope (A.P.T Artist-member)

This exhibition features a single artwork by each of the studio holders at A.P.T studios. Those artists have each asked someone else (another artist, probably) to exhibit a piece of their artwork in the show too, so the two artworks are to be displayed together, potentially presenting some affinity. And so we’ll then have twice as many bits. So it’s going to be a bit of a jumble because the ‘curators’ really don’t know what work they’re going to be hanging. So that’s exciting. Subsequently you won’t find any themes here, not prescribed anyway. No collective fascination, or exploration of notions of anything. We aren’t all (to quote a recent Frieze writer) ‘Mining the tension between real and imagined worlds’. We do have a fair amount of abstract painting from some of the old boys and girls, but we reckon they’re real, as is the work, as you’ll see. Some of the younger artists might use some digital technology to make or display their work. We hope we’ll have some work with guts. We hope that you enjoy this show at A.P.T Gallery. Because otherwise, what’s the point?
Marcus Cope, September 2018


Ekkehard Altenburger + Nathan Murphy
David Bloor  +  David Toop
Heather Burrell  + Parm Rai
Jodie Carey  +  Robert Dowling
Veronique Chance  +  Susan Gómez Larrañaga
Marcus Cope  +  Jacquie McIntosh
Fran Cottell  +  Marianne Mueller
Lulu Cottell & Edward Rowe  +  Day Centre Members at Disabled People’s Contact, Deptford Mission with support from Cameron Walker
Tim Cousins  +  Germaine Dolan
Anthony Daley  +  Lydia Makin
Jeff Dellow  +  Joan Key
Arnold Dobbs  +  Christy Symington
Dexter Dymoke  +  Frances Richardson
Cath Ferguson  +  Tim Renshaw
Nic Godbold  +  Dave Ryan
Marilyn Hallam  +  Clyde Hopkins
Rebecca Harper  +  Mark Cazalet
Liz Harrison  +  Christine Percy
Margaret Higginson  +  Diana Edmunds
Stephen Jaques  +  Dominic Beattie
Richard Lawrence  +  Robert Harding
Stephen Lewis  +  Michael Blake
Alix MacSweeney  +  Peter de Francia
Paul Malone  + Black Quantum Futurists 
Chris Marshall  +  Angela Wright
John McLean  +  Kikuo Saito
Jennifer Milner-Lunt  +  Kylie Chung
Mali Morris  +  Gabriel Hartley
Geoff Mowlam  +  Matthew Gould
Laurence Noga  +  Clare Price
David Oates  +  John Carter
Brigitte Parusel  +  Cecilia Sjoholm
Nicola Rae  +  Alistair McClymont
Victoria Rance  +  anonymous Bolivian mask maker from El Alto La Paz
Hideatsu Shiba  +  Toru Ishii
Lou Smith  +  Nico Ismay
Paul Tonkin  + Pete Hoida
Sheila Vollmer  +  Jackie Askew
David Webb  +  Tom Hackney
Rob Welch  +  John Pettenuzzo
Camille Yvert  +   Jazbo Gross