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Permittivity of Free Space

Exhibiting artists - Alexandra Dementieva  |  India Gabb  |  Nayan Kulkani  |  Paul Malone  |  Doron Polak  |  Joachim Raab  |  Nicola Rae  |  Lorent Rezari  |  Steven Scott  |  Lucy Wheeler  |  Zoe Wheeler

Website: www.cipango.co.uk/permittivity

The title of this exhibition – permittivity - refers to the resistance that material has to the flow of electricity and also applies to the vacuum of space. Alternative meanings relating to taking transitory ownership of the space are also relevant. The participating artists intend to develop progressive processes in the gallery space that include migrations of art works as well as the potential for changes in their structures during the four days. These translocations will influence perception of the works as well as of the space itself.

Interfaces act as the membrane in which ideas from online communities can permeate into real and physical manifestations. We intend to address this by accessing open source concepts in the creation of installations utilising content and materials harvested from local areas surrounding A.P.T Gallery. We aim to transfer ideas into specific localities relating to the everyday inhabitance of a space. We would like to create an open system in which ideas permeate between the artists and surrounding community.

Details of events linked to the exhibition will be announced on the exhibition website

Subatomic particles expressing the permittivity of free space

A.P.T Gallery
6 Creekside, Deptford, London SE8 4SA
26 July to 5 August 2018
Open Thursday to Sunday from 12noon to 5pm

Private View  |  Friday 27th July from 6pm to 9pm