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A.P.T 2016 Curatorial Fellowship

Ingredients, Method, Serving Suggestion
Curated by Alaena Turner

21 July to 11 September 2016

The exhibition explores the ways in which contemporary artists have engaged with the format of the recipe, questioning the relationship between process and product, and testing the potential of the recipe as a model for collaboration and sharing of knowledge.

The exhibition features new work by 18 emerging and major UK visual artists, including contributions by Dan Howard-Birt, Katrina Blannin, Jane Bustin, Kieran Drury, Eddie Farrell, Ben Jenner, Sarah Kate-Wilson, Natasha Kidd, Jo McGonigal, Sarah Mcnulty, Sarah Pettit, Robert Rivers, Damian Taylor, Alaena Turner, Gary Woodley, Susannah Worth, Jack Vickridge and Jo Volley.

Dan Howard Birt

Ingredients, Method, ServingSuggestion  brings together an intergenerational group of artists to explore the relationship between contemporary art and the everyday, through the conceptual framework of the recipe. The instructive form of the recipe enables material knowledge to be shared through collective acts of repetition and interpretation, situating the recipe as the historical precedent for open-source models of knowledge distribution. The notion of the recipe is expanded by asking how an artwork itself may function as a recipe, engaging with the history of conceptual art made through instruction.

Central to this exhibition is a series of paintings made by 14 artists in response to a Yoko Ono score, 'Time Painting', "Make a painting in which the colour comes out under a certain light at a certain time of the day. Make it a short time. (1961 Summer)". Whilst working from the same conceptual starting point these paintings display a diverse range of creative interpretations, utilising phosphorescent pigments, reflections, light-sensitive emulsion, and shadows, and referencing imagery of lenses, windows and sun-dials. As a collection of responses these paintings both host and inhabit the original Yoko Ono score, drawing out the poetic quality of the original linguistic gesture, and challenging the apparent opposition between conceptual art and painting practice.

Sarah Kate Wilson

To complement this collection of paintings new works which frame production processes have been generated by Natasha Kidd and Bruce McLean (working in collaboration with Eddie Farrell). These works have been developed to present the 'live' moment of a creative practice, positioning painting as verb rather than noun. Natasha Kidd's work proposes a system for a painting that makes itself, encouraging the aesthetic contemplation of the routine application of paint on a surface. Bruce McLean offers a re-enactment of his 1969 work 'Underwater Watercolour', which has been produced into a film by Eddie Farrell, making visible the narratives that emerge through the act of repetition, and signalling the absence of the original artwork.

Bruce McLean

Gary Woodley has been commissioned to produce a 'Mobile Kitchen Workstation', adapted from a 1963 design 'Kitchen Box' by Italian designer Joe Colombo (1930-1971). This artwork will facilitate the re-enactment of artist recipes and presentations using food during the program of events.

Over the course of the exhibition period a series of 15 'Do It' Instructions from Han's Ulrich Obrist's ongoing global project will be realised in the exhibition space. These instructions have been selected for their innovative propositions of how to use everyday materials, and it is intended that this ongoing activity will frame A.P.T Gallery as both exhibition and work-space.

Alaena Turner



A.P.T is very pleased to award its 2016 Curatorial Fellowship to Alaena Turner.  

We received 22 very strong applications for the Curatorial Fellowship and members of A.P.T’s Gallery & Projects Committee short-listed and then interviewed four candidates. The Committee particularly liked Alaena’s concept which explores the relationship between food and art and questioning the concept of the recipe.

Alaena Turner is a practising artist who exhibits in the UK and Europe. Her work has been acknowledged through several awards, including the Emerging Artist Award, Kingsgate Workshop Trust, 2009, Mary Rischgitz Prize in Fine Art, UCL, Sep 2008 and the Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers Award in Fine Art, UCL, April 2007.  She has presented at the European Art Research Network conference at Slade School of Fine Art (Nov 2015), ‘The Changing Technologies of Art’, panel discussion at Griffin Gallery (March 2015) and ‘At the Point of Gesture’ panel discussion, Wimbledon College of Arts (Feb 2015).

In 2014 Alaena developed a six-month project ‘Dinner with Picasso’ to explore the relationship between food and art, initiating an interdisciplinary research group of 25 Fine Art and Literature students (BA and MA) from UCL as well as external guests from the food industry. The project was publicly presented at the ‘Materials and Society’ conference hosted by the Institute of Making (July 2014).

In 2016 Alaena curated ‘Slow, thick, fingers’ at Kingsgate Project Space (Feb-March 2016) which was profiled on Wall Street International Online. This concluded with a public conversation with the exhibiting artists and painter Jeffrey Dennis, in association with research network ‘PaintClub’.


In 2012 A.P.T launched the Curatorial Fellowship as an opportunity for curators and artists to make expansive use of the gallery to encourage diversity and innovation.  By delivering the Curatorial Fellowship, A.P.T aims to build new audiences and engage with a wider arts community to develop an international profile.

The 2016 Curatorial Fellowship has been awarded to Alaena Turner.

→ 2010 APT Exhibition Bursary awarded to Wayne Lucas

→ 2012 Curatorial Fellowship awarded to Rose Lejeune, Bea de Souza and Charlotte Jansen
DURATION [26:7:2012 – 19:10:2012]  |  duration-apt-gallery.tumblr.com

→ 2013 Curatorial Fellowship awarded to Claire Undy
EXCHANGE PROJECT | A three-part exhibition exploring the exchange between artist and viewer

.P.T’s Gallery and Projects selection panel is comprised of elected artist-members of A.P.T and their combined experience, as practising artists working in higher education and in the public realm, puts them in a strong position to oversee the gallery programme to encourage future development.

The A.P.T Gallery programme is delivered in five distinct strands of activity →

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→ A.P.T Projects is a funded education programme which enables artists to develop their artistic practice and release their potential

→ Creekside Open, a biennial competition for visual artists set up by A.P.T in 2005 to celebrate its tenth anniversary. The seventh Creekside Open will be launched in January 2017

→ Artist-members’ Programme includes group shows & Open Studio Weekends

A.P.T supports participation in the visual arts through creative practice, exhibitions and education.  Since it was set up in 1995 A.P.T has provided a continuous and varied exhibition and education programme demonstrating the diversity of contemporary visual art and provides 42 studio spaces for visual artists.

All A.P.T activities are guided by the charity's educational remit and this facilitates our education programme which meets the needs of local, national and international communities through studio visits, talks, workshops and hands-on practice. Our work is fully inclusive and involves all age groups. 

If you have any questions about this initiative please email Liz May, A.P.T Gallery Manager