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A.P.T Curatorial Fellowship 2013


A three-part exhibition exploring the exchange between artist and viewer

PART ONE: Overt Exchange
26th July - 25th August 2013

Artworks that convey a direct message: the visceral experience of an action on the body/ the weight and materiality of an object/ language spoken or written/ an atmosphere conveyed. The artist gives and the viewer receives- the exchange is frank.

Exhibiting Artists

Brett Ashley Gendall | Jessica Killeen and Samuel Taylor | William Mackrell | Amy Moffat | Yelena Popova | Zoe Schoenherr | Rose Smith | Sophia Starling | Kate Terry | Poppy Whatmore

PART TWO: Obscured Exchange
30th August - 22nd September 2013

Artworks that play with the viewer, often alluding to a message, yet the exchange is teasing and the pieces of the puzzle don't quite fit. The miscommunication is deliberate: ambiguity leaves the viewer questioning whether what they are looking at is truth or fiction.

Sam Austen | Nick Bailey | Ami Clarke | Liz Elton | Sam Knowles | Bill Leslie | Kate Liston & Dan Wilde | Robert Luzar | Andrea Medjesi-Jones | Heather Ross | Mia Taylor

PART THREE: Oblique Exchange
27th September - 20th October 2013

Artworks that appear to be silent or unconcerned with communication: the only message within the work is the work itself, the thoughts of the artist are consciously hidden or abstracted. The viewer's experience is incidental; the exchange between the artist and the viewer is private and unique to each.

Karl Bielik | Maia Conran | Vincent Hawkins | Nigel Massey | Gwennan Thomas | Paul Good & Kirsty Wood | Demelza Watts | Sarah Kate Wilson | Harry Young-Jamieson