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Richard Lawrence

History Tree
McMillan Park, Deptford

I work within a modernist sensibility, carving wood, stone and modelling clay. I acknowledge the history of sculpture and draw inspiration from it. My ideas are figurative. I try to manifest the physical in the stone, create an illusion of a dynamic surface that is suggestive. The subject may also include a concept such as history, archaeology, distant culture or another world even.

My sculptures are labour intesive they are dependent on their visual and tactile qualities, they are haptice, informed by touch and informing by touch.

In 2010 I completed two wood carvings for Margaret McMillan Park in Deptford, commissioned by Lewisham Council. I also completed a play area of wood carved benches for Warwick Gardens, commissioned by Southwark Council.

In March 2007 I completed and sited three large woodcarvings (3 meters high), in a new public garden in Lewisham, Cornmill Gardens. All three were carved from trees that had been cleared from the site. Each carving is based on one of the watermills that once occupied the site, the river Ravensbourn cuts through the Gardens. Lewisham Council commissioned the sculptures.

One other commission I was involved with in 2007 was a relief carving in Black Marble, based on a chapter from a poem called Little Rabbit by Luo Ying, 'Last Man', 1 meter x 2.5 meters.
Commissioned by the Zhongkun Investment group, Beijing China. The relief will be sited in a new gallery in Beijing.

I have taken part in several exhibitions this year. The relief sculpture Victims, 2006, Painted Plaster, 50 x 45 cm. was exhibited at the Foundary Gallery on Old Street, Shoreditch. The relief was based on current news paper images of the War in Iraq I did a whole series of plaster sculptures based on news images, in this one I include a surreal element in an attempt to convey the horror.

Dark Ship I exhibited at the APT gallery in the exhibition Bounty, 'my carving Dark Ship attempts to show the shadow side of the voyage of the Bounty, the stone is dark but also reflective, looking back at events 200 years since the abolition of the Trans- Atlantic slave trade.'

The sculpture Mars, 2004, is part of a series based on the planets.

Royal Arsenal Gardens Woolwich. 2002. I carved five granite carvings based on local history. Iron, bronze and gold, is an example of one.

Some previous public commissions include; Alcatel Ferry steps, at Enderby Wharf, Greenwich. 2001. I replaced and carved new steps based on local history.


Email: r.law.rence@virgin.net

© Richard Lawrence 2016

History Tree
McMillan Park, Deptford

Play Horse
McMillan Park, Deptford

Canoe Seat
Warwick Gardens, Camberwell

Play Area, Warwick Gardens, Camberwell

Cornmill Gardens, 2007

Cornmill, 2007              Tannery, 2007
Ash                                 Lime

Last Man, 2007
Work in progress in Beijing

Victims, 2006

Dark Ship, 2007
Kilkenny stone
36cm high, 44 cm long

Mars, 2004
St Bees stone

Iron, Bronze and Gold, 2002
Commission: Royal Arsenal Garden, Woolwich

Alcatel Ferry Steps, 2002
Opepe wood
Commission: Enderby Wharf, East Greenwich