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Paul Malone

My art as a whole is most easily classed as 'wall sculpture' although this covers a range of techniques from extended installations to digital projection and machined artefacts. With some of the early work there was an intention to assemble completely new materials, the essential properties of which could only be guessed at by the optical presence of their surfaces.

The latest works I am involved with are the 3D anaglyphs containing imagery gathered from forgotten or polluted landscapes. These anaglyphs are created from photographs taken of parts of the landscape devoid of planetary identification. The original idea came from images returned from the Mars Lander spacecraft and its rover. Converting them into 3D format adds an extra dimension but also a disorientation as to which represents the more familiar experience. They exist as images in themselves but also form source material for installation and project work.

A readiness to draw false assumptions from only half perceived visual stimulus is an important part of my working process and something I enjoy presenting to people in the form of these material objects.


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