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Jeff Dellow

Yellow Spectre
25 x35 cms
Acrylic on MDF

Born 1949 in Newcastle he worked as a raw materials analyst for Rohm & Haas at Jarrow before studying art at St.Martin's School of Art , Maidstone College of Art and The Slade post graduate studies. He was awarded a Boise Travel Scholarship and completed the Cheltenham Fellowship in 1975.

Jeff Dellow has been based in London and has been painting for over thirty years. He worked at Greenwich Studios from 1977 until it disbanded then moved to the Deptford site of APT in 1995.
After working at many art schools part time, he became Head of Painting at Humberside in 1987 then took up his current post as Principal Lecturer in Fine Art, at Kingston University in 1988. He was an Athena Award prizewinner in 1988 and exhibited in the John Mores 1976,1989,1991(small prize). He has exhibited at the Hayward Gallery and been in Whitechapel Open also showing work in Europe USA and Africa. He completed an International Academic Exchange with Grand Valley State University, Michigan in 1996 and curated Critical Faculty a reciprocal exhibition representing the diversity of practice of staff at Kingston and GVSU.

Whilst his main concerns are with colour and evocative experience, he is involved in exploring and moving through territories of seeing and making, toward the gain of understanding and feeling.

"In 2004 I exhibited work in a solo show called 'Beyond Surface-the sublime picture show'. At the time, I was interested in bringing the virtual space of computer imaging back into the physicality of painting. I found that technology could be employed to enrich the potential of painting in supplying a contemplative space for the viewer to celebrate the visual world. This exhibition also dealt with my preoccupation with the everyday experience of seeing: a meeting point of how we perceive space and materiality.

Painting seems to me, a medium for active interpretation of what is shown and what is implied. Like other visual experiences in life, they may stimulate a sense in the viewer of calm, awe or even threat. In every aspect of life we have to read situations and make an appropriate response. We have to be able to use an instinctive awareness of our environment to survive.

There is a fascinating solidarity about painting, as a method of communication between artist and viewer; something that is good for the painter may be good for others. It seems to me that to combine a way of seeing, with the process of making can lead to a relationship between the artist and audience."

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© Jeff Dellow 2016


25 x 35cm
Acrylic on MDF

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