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Heather Burrell

steel, magnets and iron filings
70 cm high x 50 cm wide x 25 cm deep

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Website address: www.heatherburrell.co.uk
Mobile number: 07714 263659

Sycamore Cluster
patinated steel
39 cm high x 50 cm wide x 50 cm deep.


Iridescent Blue

This sculpture was made for Deptford Park and whilst abstract in form it is reflective of asparagus that was grown in abundance in this area of London.
It stands at 3 m high and is set on a base 1.36 m diameter.
The iridescent finish was created by applying several layers of pearlescent paint and lacquer.


Mayfair Balustrade

The concept of this balustrade is based on the original style of the building. Constructed during the 1920s, it was appropriate to incorporate an art deco balustrade in order to retain the character of the property. This project was a huge undertaking with the balustrade spanning over 13 floors and also included furniture, balconies, monumental bronze fireplace and other steel details around the property. All of which was handcrafted to high specifications. The project took nine months to complete with each aspect carefully planned to fit in with other contractors on site.

Mountsfield Park Gates

The concept of the gates came from the removal of a sycamore tree to widen this entrance to the park.Historically, the grounds were owned by an entomologist, hence the hand forged sycamore seeds were arranged to resemble butterfly wings.

There are a further 36 m of railing that extend into the park which were included in this project.