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Brigitte Parusel



The premise of Extended Process is an expansion of the spirit and ideas of Exchange Rates / Sluice_. Held in Brooklyn, October 2016 this is a continuation of the conversations started in New York to build upon our experience of those events.

Part of the Saturation Point involvement in the project was a partnership with Odetta Gallery, where the artists' work was displayed in flat files / chests of drawers. Extended Process - Part 2 reciprocates this exchange by exhibiting artworks in flat file format; inviting artists from the UK, Netherlands and the USA to use this as an opportunity to present the works creatively within this format. 

Saturation Point is continuing the initiatives of Exchange Rates / Sluice_, promoting artist-led initiatives to support networks and create opportunities for artists, and enabling dialogue and partnerships between like-minded communities. 

Exchange Rates 2014: "The rates of exchange will fluctuate while the currencies of exchange..ideas and culture...remain fixed" 

Karl England / Sluice publication: "When disparate, diverse galleries and projects act in a temporary coalition".

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